6 Digital marketing trends to look out for in 2019

In 2019, we can expect to see some new and already existing marketing trends really develop and expand. It is predicted to be a year of growth for so many different industries and digital marketing and the online world are no exception to this. Read on to learn more about 6 digital marketing trends we think are going to take the world by storm in 2019.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to take over the work in 2019. It is one of the most prominent marketing trends expected to explode over the next year. AI can analyse human behaviour and patterns and when used correctly honestly has the potential to really transform the digital world. it can determine search behaviour helping businesses understand where their audience is and how to get them onto their website more easily.

Incorporating AI into businesses and how they find out more information about their target audience is going to make processes easier and more cost effective. There will be a lot of AI seen in 2019, read on to find out about two different marketing trends associated directly with AI.


Chatbots are an AI- based technology for instant chat messages to happen in real-time. This can happen day or night and help people in any timezone, giving the user a positive experience at any time of the day wherever they are in the world. Customers actually prefer to interact with chatbots as they are very responsive and give answers in a timely manner.

An example of a brand that uses chatbots is Uber. They use chatbots to allow for an interactive and responsive experience for people using the travel app. This increases their likelihood to use the app again and makes the overall experience more positive. Chatbots are going to continue to expand in 2019 as a marketing trend. This trend is focused on making the user experience better, which is key to success in marketing.

Programmatic advertising

According to eMarketer, nearly 90% of digital display ads in the U.S. are expected to be programmatic by 2020. This means that as far as marketing trends go, programmatic advertising is going to be a huge one for 2019. Programmatic advertising is the process of using AI to automate the ad buying process to allow for focusing on targeting far more specific audiences. This marketing trend for 2019 means you can be more efficient in your ad buying. It’s faster and has higher conversions with lower customer acquisition costs.

Video marketing

2019 is really going to see live video rise in importance when it comes to video marketing. While all video is going to be key, live is going to be something that is really going to start to take over. Popular streaming channels like Twitch can play a big part in that spike. Twitch allows for video game streaming, which seems to be an ever-increasing phenomenon over the years and will continue to be a huge market in 2019.

When you combine live video and influencer marketing it becomes an increasingly effective concept for digital marketing. Influencers using live stream let their audience interact directly with them and feel a sense of connection. It also lets them do reviews of products or services in real time so their audience can really see what they think and encourage them further to potentially become a customer of the brand in question. Live has an added aspect of spontaneity which a lot of audiences on social media etc. seem to like and respond well to. We will definitely be seeing a lot more of this marketing trend in 2019.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing was huge in 2018 and is expected to become even more prominent in 2019. It’s been recognised that using influencer marketing is important and in 2019 that is going to become even more the case. Influencer marketing is essentially paid word of mouth from people that have already built up respect and trust from their own audience. Because they already have that trust, using them to showcase a product or service makes gaining more leads and sales much easier.

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more prominent and 2019 is set to see it soar.

Visual search

Visual search is going to increase in use dramatically in 2019. It creates a whole new experience for the user and allows for a new level of searchability if words won’t do. Visual search allows you to upload a photo to search, simplifying the search process dramatically.

These digital marketing trends are expected to sky rocket in significance over 2019. We’re excited to see where this year is going to go with digital marketing and hope you are too.


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