6 Useful Tips to Help You Choose Between Hubspot and WordPress Content Management Systems

The first step in content marketing is choosing the right content management system (CMS). A CMS is a software that enables you to create and control the content on your website without having to code. There are several CMS at your disposal. 

A business website needs a CMS with top-notch features like built-in SEO, efficient integrations, powerful analytics, among others. WordPress is the most popular, but HubSpot CMS has unbeatable features. Let's delve into the nitty-gritty of how the two CMS differ, shall 


1. Pricing

WordPress is marketed as a free site. However, there are a lot of charges you will incur to have a secure, functional website. You will have to pay for performance plans, customer elite plans, necessary plugin installations, security fees, and the required regular maintenance workforce.

CMS Hub has a monthly sticker price. The cost varies according to the three tiers offered; Hubspot's CMS Hub Starter, CMS Hub Professional, and CMS Hub Enterprise. The presence of premium features and enhanced capabilities of core website management tools result in cost differences. Nevertheless, all three tiers come with premium hosting, more than 650 apps and integrations, advanced security features, and round-the-clock support.

All factors considered, you will part with $3,000, $4,800, or $14,400 for a Hubspot CMS, depending on the package you choose. On the other hand, you will pay anything between $5,451 and $82,558 to get WordPress with the advanced features you need.

2. CMS Capabilities

Your website's capabilities directly affect your user experience, customer journey, and ultimately your ROI. So what differences are there between CMS Hub and WordPress regarding the following crucial CMS abilities?

3. Content Creation

CMS Hub comes with all the data and tools you will need to craft a functional personalised page. Choose a theme from the wide array at your disposal and create your page with drag and drop layouts. Alternatively, you can build your theme if you so wish. Hubspot CMS features are designed to drive traffic to your site and subsequently generate a good conversion rate.

WordPress alone is capable of creating text-based content. However, you will need more resources and plugins to make further layout alterations. You will need plugins for enhanced loading speed, easy content templates, SEO, live chats, image insertion, among many others. The best plugins are not free, hence adding to your budget.

4. Search Engine Optimisation

CMS hub has in-built SEO recommendation tools for your web copy, blog posts, and landing pages. The tools source their information directly from Google. On the contrary, you will have to employ additional plugins to cater to your SEO needs when using WordPress.


60% of marketers agree that quality content and SEO are the dynamic duo that generates the most leads. Good content is relevant to the user and creates a good rapport. CMS hub helps you make good content and optimises it for better visibility.

Previously, WordPress was used solely as blogging software but has grown into a CMS. Though the site has themes, it is best to build your own. Hiring a developer brings additional costs.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Page insight reports are metrics that can show you your page's performance, strengths, and weaknesses. Some WordPress editions fall short of providing all the site statistics you need. Again, the inadequacy necessitates the use of plugins.

6. Premium Hosting

A CMS Hub host has the safety of their content guaranteed thanks to foolproof security measures in place. The security features include a standard SSL certificate, web application firewall (WAF), a global CDN, and a team of cyber security experts working to protect your website from breaches and threats.

Being an open-source platform, the buck of securing your website on WordPress stops with you. You, therefore, have to find resources and plugins to protect your content. Unfortunately, some plugins can be weak links through which malware can gain entry into your site.

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