Go live with Facebook Live to engage customers

In the past few decades, social media has taken the entire world by storm. Social networking sites come with a large range of attractive features with the ability to transform businesses. Facebook, being one of the most dominant social media platforms in the world, has introduced Facebook Live as an innovative feature.

This particular feature offers Facebook users the option to broadcast their videos in real-time. This blog post discusses how businesses can go live with Facebook Live to engage their customers.

Broadcasting content live

As a business, you can think of Facebook Live as a way of offering content for the target audience in real time. In addition to traditional blog posts and e-books, you can use Facebook Live videos for engagement.

This sort of approach can be effective as you can teach your audience. It can provide a demonstration or even to give teaching tips and tricks. This type of presentation is already among the most effective way of presenting information.

Reveal something exciting for your audience

You need to understand people are curious beings. Use this knowledge in your business. Reveal a ‘behind-the-scenes’ aspect related to your niche and attract a larger audience through Facebook Live videos.

You can reveal how a particular product is made. Alternatively, you can reveal some of the special talents you or your staff possess. This develops customer insights into your business. It also makes your business less of a mystery and more personable

Dynamic interaction through Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live, you will be able to hold real-time customer interaction sessions and help your customers understand your business. Holding a Q&A session via Facebook Live is a great way to increase public awareness about your business. You can also use these Q&A sessions to get insight into what your customers would like from your business.

Show your audience trending topics with Live

Pick a trend that has a relationship to your niche and start a discussion via Facebook Live. While sharing your thoughts about the specific trends, you can educate your audience. Making them see you as a thought leader in the industry.

Below are a few tips for increasing awareness of your Facebook Live events.

  1. Create awareness of your session or video earlyYou can promote it using Facebook itself
  2. Have a solid and speedy internet connection for an uninterrupted broadcast 
  3. Go to a quiet space, background noise is very distracting
  4. Make sure that you maintain relevancy throughout the video
  5. Using location-specific language to engage your audience. If you know you are hosting a location-specific marketing session, use names of local businesses for example.

Showcase your expertise

When you are going live on Facebook. It's important that you are genuine and open. Be as genuine as you can be and make sure that you are an expert in your field. If you can show viewers that you are an expert. They will stick around, and the more viewers you have the higher your live feeds will show up.

We hope that our tips can help you become a star on Facebook Live. If you need any other help don't hesitate to reach out!


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