Hashtags and Why They Are So Important in Building Your Business

“Hashtags” is a frequently used word in today’s highly digitalised society. Hashtags have become an important aspect for modern businesses to succeed in this highly competitive era, they provide a number of assistive benefits for your businessHere is an overview of hashtags and why they are so important in building your business 

What is a Hashtag? 

Hash is the ‘#’ symbol. These tags are used in many social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Hash has become one of the most effective social media [marketing] tools available. When this symbol is placed in front of the words, they become “hashtags’ and start to generate traffic. Eventually, it will expose the topic or tag to a huge audience across the globe. In other words, using a hashtag allows you to keep all the posts about a particular event in a single stream and direct them towards a single location. Examples include: #tamworthnsw or #gunnedah. 

Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter. They were introduced to label and categorise certain groups of Tweets (to search and find them easily). Due to their effectiveness, these hashtags were used in a wider range of social networking sites. Example hashtags are: #tamworthnsw and #gunnedah

How Will Hashtags Benefit the Business? 

Twitter and Facebook are now classified as search engines. Therefore, if you want to promote your business and appear on these search engines prominently, you must know that you are a part of these massive search engines. Both Twitter and Facebook are now getting billions of search queries on a daily basis. More importantly, the number of searches these platforms get has increased rapidly because of the amount of information they process. So, if you use hashtags wisely, your business will definitely have greater online visibility.  

One of the most interesting aspects of hashtags is that they are clickable. If a potential customer clicks on the hashtag, they will be directed to the post that contains the respective hashtag.  

Avoid Punctuations  

Commas, spaces, apostrophes etc. will break the hashtag and make them useless. Apart from that, you should be wise enough not to make hashtags too long as it can be confusing for viewers. Think about yourself, do you like to type a 20-characters long hashtag particularly when you are on the move? 

Be Specific  

Being too general will not generate filtered traffic towards your post. Therefore, try to be specific with the tag as much as you possibly can. Be location specific, business specific and product specific for better results.  

Don’t Overdo I 

Make things easier for your readers. Avoid using hashtags for every single word you type. It will be a headache for your audience to read what you wrote. So, be sure that you do the hashtagging smartly and gently. In the end, you must remember that you are writing for human beings. 


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