Influencer marketing: are you using it?

Influencer marketing is bigger than ever with the absolute explosion of Instagram and other social media platforms.

Benefits of Influencer marketing

It’s not pushy

You aren’t forcing something on your target audience and are using a method of reaching out to them that they will respond to well. This is because they have already actively chosen to look at the content that their influencer posts.


The content your influencer posts has credibility. Because the audience engages with the influencer, they believe what this influencer says. Their posts are genuine and their followers tend to feel a sense of a friendship developing through social media with their influencers.

Provides value for the followers

The beauty of influencer marketing is that it gives followers and fans of public figures the feel of a more personal relationship. These influencers feel closer than they did a decade ago.

We are connected to our influencers like never before. This really generates a strong sense of value for the public figure as you get a feel of their ‘inside’ life from afar.

People feel a sense of value from following their influencers, which is why they are so inclined to make purchases they are suggested to get by their influencers.

Cost effective

This type of marketing is considerably inexpensive compared to other forms. It is compensated by the publicity the influencer can get through their collaboration with your brand.

You will probably have to provide some other financial incentive for the influencer. But because the audience is engaging with an influencer in your niche, this is more targeted than in any other way.

Generate desired leads

A business needs to earn money, getting leads is marketing's goal.

While lead generation is the most important step in eventually making a profit. If all of these leads are not actually going to turn into sales then they have no purpose. By using influencer marketing, you don’t have to worry about this happening.

It assists content strategy

The influencer can make the content themselves. Adding more content to your brand overall but can also drive you creating new content based on their involvement. It helps you to build your brand based on content through this type of marketing.

Works well for any business

The beauty of this technique in marketing is that literally, any business that has an online presence can use it to their advantage. It’s not designed for any type of business over another. You just need to be clever in your influencer choice and it will work.

Boosts SEO

An effective SEO rank is difficult for any business to achieve. The use of influencer marketing may have the ability to change that by improving the Domain Authority (DA). DA can be improved through the use of backlinking, which is closely tied to the influencer/ product promotion relationship. Creating these backlinks to actually get you from the influencer’s post or site will dramatically increase the success of your SEO. Which as you know is critically important.

Tips for incentive:

  • Free gift: this one is pretty self-explanatory; human beings are often inclined to do what is asked of them to get something for free. These free gifts can be specific to each influencer. So you can know how your new customer found you and the impact your influencer marketing is having on your business.
  • Discount codes: this is an often-used technique by businesses when they use influencer marketing. Often you will see social media personalities posting about products they use. In their post, they will mention a discount code that businesses made for them specifically with a certain % off the products.
  • Promotions: Use your influencers specifically when a new product comes out. Big businesses make a massive deal out of new products that are coming soon. They use their influencers to create a ‘hype’ around this new product and promote it.

Using influencer marketing is a cheap and very effective form of marketing for your business. If you have not considered it before you definitely should start, the results you could achieve will be very successful!


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