Influencer marketing to older generations

Influencer marketing is not just for millennials, despite what some might try to convince you. The beauty of influencer marketing for millennials is actually the same for older generations.

They’re so resistant to typical ads that they aren’t responding to them well. Using influencers for older generations works quite similar to using them for the younger generations, with some subtle differences to approach.

Focus on Facebook

While for millennials the best place to locate your influencer marketing is on Instagram, for Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers Facebook is the key. Research shows over 60% of people aged 50 and over are using Facebook.

Overall Facebook is still the leader in the social media world. Older generations tend to like the user-friendly design of Facebook and enjoy its content and how easy it is to find the content they want to be exposed to.

Use this liking to your advantage and use Facebook as your main platform to reach older generations through your influencer marketing.

Use like minded influencers

Seems pretty simple, and it’s a concept that applies to influencer marketing to millennials as well. For older generations, that circle of like-minded and known influencers will be smaller than for other generations like millennials. This means you need to be clever in who you choose. By researching the influencers more applicable to this age group you increase the likelihood of engagement and traffic to your website.

Take the time to figure out who the like-minded influencers for this demographic are, once you have figured it out use them to try and generate traffic that can become leads for your business.

Reach out to their families

The reality for some of the people in the older generation you are targeting is having their children or other loved ones helping them with their online and business decisions. Appeal to these generations as well. Have a lot of information to provide them with understanding as to how it can assist their older loved ones.

Be detailed, but short and sweet

Keep your information precise but make sure there is evidence to back up your claims. Older generations tend to do their research more than younger individuals and are less likely to make that impulse buy you can rely on for groups like millennials etc.

Cater to that characteristic, provide information, customer testimonials and reviews to show you have nothing to hide and are offering a quality product or service. This is what is going to get them interested and keep them returning to your site to learn more and potentially make a purchase.

Influencer marketing to older generations can greatly assist in reaching this demographic effectively. Use this form of marketing to increase your chance of success with this target market.


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