Psychological triggers in writing

Psychological triggers are an incredible powerful tool a marketer can have. By using the right triggers in your writing. It essentially helps you with writing in a way that makes people behave how you want. 

As a marketer, it is important to know what makes people tick and what makes them behave in a certain way. If you understand why people behave in a certain way, you can influence them and persuade them to do what you want them to do. This is an incredibly powerful tool to have. 

These powerful triggers can also be used in copywriting and today we will share some examples with you on how these can be used. 

Serial Positioning Effect 

This is an incredibly important tool to remember. A great example of this is when you were trying to do homework and you are support to memorise a certain number of sentences. According to research the average person can memorise around 4 to 5 sentences or words before they forget them. 

This is important to know when you are crafting emails, social media posts or other information. Because it isn’t only about the number of words that are remembered. It’s also which words are remembered. 

Research has shown that the first few words and the last words are the ones that are remembered most often. Because of this, the emails that you write need to follow the same pattern. Make sure that the most important information is either at the beginning or at the end. 

Coherence Markers 

A friend of mine is studying for journalism and they told me that they need to make sentences as short and sweet as possible. She said that sentences shouldn’t have more than 23 words and ideally 18 words. But this isn’t always good. 

Coherence markers are words that help you make sense of a sentence. Rather than writing a sentence with the bare minimum amount of required words you can use these Coherence markers. This allows you to make a sentence a lot more organised. 

Coherence markers are words such as: Which, But,  That’s why, so, because etc... these powerful words allow you to persuade someone more easily.  

These words make you able to connect sentences together in such a  way that the readers can more easily tie ideas together. This allows you to put your point across in such a way that your readers don’t have to guess about the point. 

The Halo effect 

The Halo effect is a very powerful marketing tool. By using the Halo effect you are able to make consumers consider your entire product range in a positive light. McDonald’s is a very powerful and good example of this. 

McDonald’s often promotes its products as 10 chicken nuggets for $5 dollars or by having a value meal. By using these marketing efforts they are able to present themselves as being a really cheap restaurant to go to. 

Even though not all McDonald’s items are priced low. But by having the pricing structure make it appear as if the items are all relatively cheap, their entire menu seems cheaper. 

Another example is Apple. When they launched their iPod their product sales skyrocketed. Not just for their iPods, but also their computers. Their sale of Macbooks and other computers went up by 68%. Which means that if you promote items that you do very well, all other items will follow. 

The Halo effect works very similar to our next tip, social proof. We have a limited amount of information available as evidence for what is good and helpful. This limited information means that you are able to get away with promoting one product. If one product in a line is good, all the other ones must be too, right? 

Social Proof 

Social Proof is probably the most noticeable type of psychological trigger. This often happens when you see things such as: 

  • Join 16,000 other people who read our newsletter 
  • Testimonials 
  • 18,000 other purchasers can’t be wrong about our amazing product, right? 

These are all effective, especially in the days of Inbound marketing, because Inbound marketing is all about providing evidence and helpful information. 

Mirror Neurons 

Have you ever had any injury? I have had a few myself, playing a lot of football, and any time I see someone twist their leg or fall in a weird way I feel the pain. This has got to do with the fact that I can put myself into the position of the other person. 

Because of this, I can relate to the person and their pain. The same works for marketing. You have to find the emotion that other people can and want to relate to. 

This is great to know for marketing as well. That is why many real estate agents want to make you relate to other people. If you want to buy a house, people often talk about the feeling of having your own place. A place where your children can grow up safely. 

Most businesses don’t sell you their process, they sell you feelings and emotions. When you think of Coca-Cola, you don’t think of the process of brewing the drink. The secret recipe that only a few people know. You think about happiness and comfort. “Open Happiness” has become a very normal term to hear. 

Because you are talking about positive emotions, people will feel more secure about their purchase. Again, because they have limited information available, scarcity is key. 

We have worked with businesses in various industries. Which means we can help you find the right psychological triggers to become better known in your industry. If you would like to find out how we can help you.

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