The success of sequential marketing

Imagine the last time you purchased a product at a store. At least for us, we often research the product we want to buy on our laptop first. We start by looking into what the problem is we have and then we look for the solution. 

This searching often goes over various devices. So a search that starts on a laptop, can easily go to a tablet and then a phone. Making sure that your working on getting all the data from across all devices makes a seamless experience for the user. 

This is where sequential marketing comes in. Sequential marketing means having a sequence of marketing advertisements playing that works across devices. 

For example, let’s say that you want to purchase a new pair of running shoes. The first thing you do is go to a website and read a blog about why running shoes are important. You leave the page and ponder the few brands that this website recommends. 

A day later you go back and add a pair of running shoes to your cart but you don’t finalise the payment. After shutting down your laptop you go about your day. 

The next day you see a marketing video that talks about the importance of exercise. This video doesn’t directly sell to you, but the person in the video is wearing the running shoes you enjoy. This reinforces your belief that the shoes must be good. 

Why does sequential marketing work? 

Sequential marketing is successful when you have accurate and detailed Buyer Personas. By knowing who you are targeting, you can tailor your messages to fit that person.  If your messaging is completely wrong it doesn’t matter who you are targeting. 

To succeed even better you need the following: 

  • Recognise the high-quality leads – By knowing who is most likely going to convert to a sale you will be able to target those individuals that will give a great return on investment (ROI) 
  • Know what type of messaging to use – A campaign must tell a story that works for that specific user. 
  • Make sure you know when to show the messaging – A successful campaign will bring the lead through the sales funnel appropriately. 
  • Target the right devices – if you don’t make sure that you know what devices the same consumer uses to access your website, you won’t know how to target to the consumer properly. 

Data-driven marketing 

Unless you have your own experienced design team, there is only so much influence you have over the design of your campaigns. Luckily there are agencies and businesses that can take care of that part of your campaign. 

Sequential marketing is also great because you can use the information that you gather about the consumer. This information can then be used to provide the same experience again. Meaning that your data collection efforts are going to work repeatedly. 

Overall, sequential marketing will work because it allows advertisers to make a unique, seamless experience. This will create a lasting impression and generate higher-quality leads that will stay as returning customers. These customers can be marketed to again using the new data you collected. 

This leaves you in a win-win situation.  

Have you experienced sequential marketing before? Has it made you want to purchase a product? Get in touch today!


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