Using Social Media to Generate Construction Leads

Generating effective leads for construction companies is important, just like any other business. At DigiKat, we understand that each industry is different and requires unique approaches in order to have success. While the general process and channels to be explored can work for all types of industries overall, focusing on what will work for your type of business and honing in on those channels is what will ultimately bring in the leads and the following success for construction companies.

If you’re in construction and struggling to get your leads, read on to learn how social media can effectively bring in the leads you need. Remember that the process of developing leads for your construction company is continuous. If you want to approach leads properly you need to be constantly working on that process.

Who is Your Target Market?

It’s so imperative that you identify your target market before you do anything else. You don’t want to reach everyone at once, as much as you might think you do! It’s so important to be specific and identify your ideal target market for your social media marketing. There are a lot of people on social media, trying to reach them all is just going to have your posts and ads being lost online.

Having a very specified target market allows you to focus your energy where it needs to be. Identify your traits, demographics, psychographics and preferences of your ideal client. Then you can focus on where your ideal target market focuses their social media energy and make sure you can be easily found there. Focusing on much more specific groups rather than just trying to approach as many potential clients as possible will have a far greater and more successful impact in getting construction leads for your company.

Use Your Ads

Ads are so important when it comes to social media. They are heavily underestimated in our opinion. Organic posts do work well, don’t get us wrong, but ads have the ability to really reach such a large number of targeted people and you get to be so specific in who your ads reach that they really are effective in generating leads and, in this specific case, construction leads.

Ads reach those beyond just those who follow/like/subscribe to your page so you really can expand your reach and get more people exposed to your business through this paid channel. Like we said before, ads can be targeted to really focus on your exact target market which is important in generating not only leads, but quality construction leads. Use your Call To Actions (CTAs) going to specific landing pages in these ads to ensure that your audience clicks on your ads. This encourages interaction with your business from the start and gives you the best chance in generating construction leads for your business.

Be Unique and Creative

You need to stand out from your competitors! To do this you need to be creative and smart in your choices when you post on social media. For construction content, you want to create short and sweet posts, not too much long form content, this is especially important on social media. Also, make sure to include links in all of your posts to get your target audience clicking onto your landing pages in order to generate your leads.

Pictures and videos are really important for creating effective content that will stand out. As a construction company, you will have a lot of photo and video opportunities with your building projects. Use these for your social media posts! Using unique posts like this that are current will help you stand out and showcase what your business can do.

Using the above ideas will help your construction company ensure you build a list of quality construction leads and prospects for future construction projects. The online world is important for every industry these days and construction is no exception. Use social media to remain competitive in the online world of today.


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