What is Product Marketing?

There are many different times of marketing. Content marketing is marketing using content such as eBooks, webinars, blogs, etc. There is also conversational marketing which is marketing through one-on-one conversation with your prospects. Video marketing is the marketing of your content through videos. 

Even though product marketing has the name “marketing” in it. It isn’t actually marketing 

So, what is product marketing? 

Product marketing is bringing a product to market successfully. This is the end-goal for product marketers. 

It starts with the go-to-market strategy. This is a strategy where you find out what the best way of bringing your product to the market is. The marketer will have done the research to understand the need in the market, knows that their product satisfies that need and is now working on positioning the product so the target audience can find it. 

The product marketer isn’t working on the external aspect of marketing. They are making an internal strategy.  

They are the ones that make the correct messaging for the product. This is the messaging that all the other marketers use. 

So how does product marketing help me make my product better? 

Product marketing doesn’t end with the sale of the product. It helps with getting a feedback loop going to improve the product over time. 

Onboarding isn’t something that marketing really works with. But the first month after the purchase of a product is incredibly important. 

This is why it is good for marketing to help create a seamless onboarding process that helps improve product adoption. 

It’s important to understand the way that your product gets used. This is where HubSpot comes in handy. So how can you use HubSpot? You can start with collecting feedback. The two easiest ways are: 

  • Customer satisfaction survey – This will help understand how users really feel about your product and this provides you with a great way to understand your customers and how they use the product 
  • Analyse usage – If you have a way to track the frequency of logins and how it really gets used. If you understand and track the usage you can understand user behaviours and patterns. 

We hope this provides you with a clear understanding of what the difference is between product marketing and regular marketing. If you would like a hand with product marketing or understand more about how HubSpot can help. You can always book an obligation free meeting! 


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