What to expect from email marketing in 2019

It’s a common misconception over the last year or so that email marketing is either dead or dying. A misconception that could not be further from the truth. Email’s relevance continues to shine through even as so many new marketing tactics and platforms arise.

It has always had a personal edge compared to other marketing platforms and reaches audiences without coming across as impersonal or as if it is looking to just get a sale from the receiver.

As time goes on, email marketing continues to become more and more relevant and important for marketers to use to reach their audience more successfully and gain more customers. In 2019, we can expect to see a lot of email marketing success as long as businesses continue to understand it’s relevance and ability to reach leads and customers beyond what other platforms are able.

Email marketing is a strong form of marketing and there are a number of trends we can expect to see from email marketing as a marketing technique over the next 12 months and below are just four of those predicted trends.


Email marketing has survived so many past and present trends because of its ability to be more deliberate and personal than its marketing counterparts. You need to put the right content in front of the right audience to do well. As we head into 2019, personalisation is even more important and needs to be even more specific to really reach the right audience and have a greater potential to get the sale.

Using the data so readily available about their contacts behaviour and searches online will help to create a more personal approach for email marketing in 2019. Using this data will give you an edge and is considered more common practice these days so incorporating it in your approach to becoming more personal in your email marketing will be highly beneficial.

Increased mobile use

Mobile use is only expected to increase in 2019. People are using mobile more and more as it allows for internet access on the move. Email will need to cater to this movement to remain relevant and competitive in digital marketing.

When it comes to mobile, you need to incorporate more video and photo into the emails to keep responders interested and engaged. Having too text-heavy emails can cause disinterest from your audience on mobile due to the difficulty of reading on such a small screen.

Using video and images helps them understand the message without having to work too hard.

Creating content that suits the platform has always been crucial to success and as mobile gets used more and more it is becoming more important to make your emails suit mobile more over 2019.

Interactive content

Interactive content became a much more real concept over 2018. And it is expected to increase in popularity over 2019. When you create content, you not only want it to be read, you want it to be engaged with. Using interactive content increases engagement which is key to success. Interactive content also keeps them on the email longer, increasing the chance of them reading the full email and seeing the message you are conveying.

Examples of interactive content include:

  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Image Carousels
  • Videos

Using this content keeps your audience on your email for longer and increases engagement. We are going to see a lot of this in 2019 so to stay competitive, it would be beneficial to embrace this concept.

Quality over quantity

Anyone can create content. So, how do you remain competitive in the race to getting the sale? Quality comes first. Anyone can create content yes, but can they create quality content? Or are they just churning out as much as they can to be loud in the competition in order to be heard? Creating content that isn’t of good quality with today’s technology can get you a one-way ticket to the spam folder, which is definitely not what you want.

You need to create content of quality and value to your audience. This concept goes hand in hand with personalisation, as it focuses on sending the right content to the right audience. This is to ensure that the content is quality to that specific audience while it might not be to another segment of your audience.

Focus your direction for your content and ensure it is of high quality to each respondent you send it to increase your success in email marketing.

Make sure you’re using email marketing in your marketing campaigns if you want success. It is not a dead or dying platform for reaching your target market. It remains relevant while other platforms come and go each year.


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