Why your business should be using video marketing

Video marketing is an ever increasingly relevant form of marketing for businesses. According to YouTube’s findings, there is about 1 billion hours worth of views on YouTube videos every single day around the world. The average watch time for an individual is 40 minutes a day. And overall, it is predicted that by 2019 video will account for 80% of all online traffic (cisco.com).

The power of video marketing has been well known for some time now as more and more people agree that video is the most engaging form of marketing and with the use of smartphones becoming so common, video marketing continues to soar with success as we continue to use social media on our phones more and more.

Mobile and smartphones have completely reshaped how marketing on social media works because text-heavy content or basic images cannot compete on these devices with video.

Video is easy to engage with and requires minimal effort from the target market. They don’t have to read or decipher anything, they purely have to watch what is being played before them, and they love it.

According to Forbes, 55% of people watch video content online every day. They are used to this consumption, so using it as part of your marketing will feel normal and right to your potential target market.  Forbes also notes that mobile video consumption almost doubles yearly.

Video is a great way to get your product or service out there as it’s such a dynamic and flexible form of media. Video length can range from a few seconds to an hour and still get great engagement lengths.

You can use them for demonstrations which can help get rid of any confusion or questions about how your product or service could work for current and potential customers. Or you can use them to highlight new uses and opportunities of your products and services or even your brand overall.

Using video increases your shares, especially on Facebook. By creating content that is easy to engage with an enjoyable, viewers are inclined to share for others to see. By using video you can increase your audience through these shares and the associated exposure that comes with them.

If you haven’t considered video as a very real part of your marketing plan online, you should strongly consider doing so going forward. It’s here to stay and its impact is only predicted to increase. The overall benefit this could have for your business includes increased understanding of your products, increasing sales and more online engagement with your brand. Video marketing has so many benefits to businesses and to stay competitive in this constantly changing and competitive environment, your business should be using it online.