Working at an Inbound agency, the differences

Have you got experience working for a marketing agency, but is it mostly focused on chasing customers and not on pulling customers in? As we mentioned in our outbound vs inbound marketing blog this mindset is a bit outdated.  

Adopting a new methodology can take time and definitely a change in mindset. If you are looking to work for an inbound marketing agency, then the following tips and tricks will help you out. 

Transitioning from outbound to inbound  

There is a big difference between outbound and inbound as mentioned in the blog linked above. These changes don’t only mean that your methodology for marketing is different. You also need to approach customers differently. 

Regardless of your level of experience, your new agency should be providing you with the tools and training to help you understand the inbound marketing mindset. 

However, there isn’t a time where you know everything there is to know. A good team will always be sharing new content and new ideas with each other. That way everyone stays on top and is learning. 

Of course, HubSpot, a big player in Inbound marketing, has its own certification and courses. These courses will help you understand the inbound marketing fundamentals, the contextual marketing idea, how to build Buyer Personas and more. 

If your agency is doing well enough, some team members might even go to HubSpot’s annual Inbound marketing event called INBOUND. When team members get back, they will share their knowledge and wisdom which helps you develop as well. 

Whatever you want to do, make sure that you understand the culture of the business as well. It is important to just dive into your new role and start working and getting to know the inbound method. Not hanging onto the old methods and working with the new methods is the best way to move forward. 

The Inbound Agency Mindset 

Every person in an Inbound Marketing agency needs to understand the importance of the Buyer’s journey. From Awareness to Interest to Decision. All these stages need content and they have their own mindset. 

By writing the content and living and breathing the mindset that customers are in the center of the business, you are ready to start working at an inbound agency. 

If you are looking for a job and are interested in working for an Inbound agency. Visit our careers page! 


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