How to write engaging content for your audience

How much do you like reading the same content repeatedly? Our guess is that this isn’t something you particularly enjoy doing. The same can be said for your subscribers this is why writing engaging content for your audience is key. 

If you send your subscribers the same type of content over and over, they will eventually get bored of the same content. Imagine if a business always sends you infographics, every time they send you a message. 

Over time you will get bored of this and will probably wonder if it’s all this business does well. 

However, it could also be the opposite. Perhaps the subscriber absolutely loves that you send them eBooks because they love that kind of content. It all depends on what your audience loves as well. 

Some people even say that eBooks and other types of helpful written content are dead. Video is supposedly the only way that people want to receive content. However, HubSpot has done a study that proofs people still love eBooks. This is why engaging content that you write for your audience still works.

However, if all you are doing is providing eBooks as content, it might be time to reconsider your marketing efforts. 

Make sure there is a reason to change content 

We at DigiKat love our data and we think you should too. If you start changing your content for the sake of it, this isn’t a good idea. There is no reason to start making VR videos or AR experiences if your audience really likes what you are doing already. 

Making unnecessary changes and alienating your current customers is a good way of losing these customers. 

If your audience is between 50 to 60, reads daily and loves subscribing to magazines then they might really love all the written content you are providing them. 

They might have even got you a new customer by sending the eBook to a friend, who turned into a customer too. 

But what about clients who don’t love eBooks? What do you do with those? 

For Australia, podcasts can be a great way to get more attention to your brand. Podcasts are becoming more popular every year and 97% of current podcast listeners complete a podcast according to the study. The age range of 14 to 54 is the most active listening to podcast. On average, those who listen podcasts listen to around 6.1 hours per week. 

If your Buyer Persona is in this age group, you might be missing out by not reaching out to this audience. Podcasts are a great way to get listeners more aware of your brand or your business. 

Ask your audience 

Just like any other decision in marketing. It all comes down to the data. The best way to get relevant information is to ask your audience directly. Reach out to people who didn’t go for your offer, and ask current clients if there are any other content types they like. 

Do other research too. Go to your CRM and look at your landing pages. Use HubSpot, or the platform you use, to find out if there is a big drop-off in signups to content offers. This might mean you need to either market the offer more. Or that your audience is moving away from that content type. 

Another easy way is to send out questionnaires. Ask your audience what they want and if they enjoy what they receive from you. If they are over written content, perhaps ask them if they prefer video or audio. 

By asking your audience directly what they engage with, you have a higher chance of making your content stick and your audience more connected to your brand. 


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